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Payments and Payment Processing
Last Modified March 9, 2022


Holooly may require users of the Services to provide a valid method of payment (e.g., credit or debit card, etc.) tied to an account at a financial institution when they register for an account (to ensure users are able to make applicable payments to Holooly) or upon ordering products or services. If a method of payment is required, you are responsible for ensuring that a valid method of payment is associated with your Holooly account at all times (either the original method of payment or a replacement).

Holooly may store your method of payment and you hereby acknowledge and agree that Holooly may charge you for, and you will pay for, any charges specified on the Services and for any auto-extension associated with your account under the terms of use.

Holooly reserves the right to place you into collections if you fail to timely pay for the products and services ordered through the Services; collections may be done by Holooly or a third-party on Holooly's behalf. You also agree that we may, at our discretion, send your account to a collection agency, and recover our reasonable costs of collection from you, if you fail to pay all fees due and owing to Holooly.

For security reasons or to otherwise confirm a financial instrument or payment, Holooly may delay providing products or services even if such delay impacts a guaranteed delivery date.

Other Payment Policies:

Where your billing address is requested, you must provide the address and phone number your financial institution has on record, as well as the card's security code (e.g., CVC, CVV, CID). Holooly will make reasonable efforts to process your transactions in a timely manner, but we make no guarantees regarding the processing of payments.

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