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Homework Help, Solutions, Study Guide, and Note Usage
Last Modified March 9, 2022

Holooly's homework help, study, and note services are available merely as informational and study aids and should not be considered substitutes for applicable coursework, homework, class and lecture requirements, assignments, and related materials.

In using the Services, you specifically agree not to use, claim, or submit as your own any portion of the help materials.

Holooly does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of answers or other study material that appear on the Services, some of which may be posted by other users. You further agree the Services may present information that is incorrect or inconsistent when compared to similar content and materials, including solutions and their methodologies, provided or preferred by publishers of applicable problems or instructors of applicable courses.

Course Searches and Other Information Specific to an Academic Institution

We may tie your Holooly experience to information about the school you have identified to Holooly. For certain schools, the Services enable you to search and retrieve information about the materials required for particular courses.

Please be aware that course information and assigned materials may change from time to time, and Holooly may not receive updated information from the school in a timely manner.

Holooly is not responsible for any errors in the information provided in the course searches on the Services.

Where specific school names or information related to a specific school are displayed, they do not imply any endorsement or approval by the school. Except where specifically stated, Holooly has no affiliation with nor endorsement from any academic institution, and school names and information are used on the Services only to the extent necessary to organize, identify and permit the use of information and sections of the Services that may be tailored to students of a particular school, or for other lawful uses.

Outlines, Study Guides and Notes

Holooly may permit users to upload and in some cases sell content for the purpose of aiding others in the education and learning process.

Users may not post content owned or created (except if it is in the public domain) by another person and hereby represent and warrant that: (i) each was created by the user and the user is the sole owner of all content posted to Services sites and all rights in such content (except for public domain content), including, without limitation, copyright and (ii) the posting of Content on or through the Services will not breach the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights, intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third-party. Users agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing to any third-party for any content provided by you to the Services.

Users of the Services agree to exclude from such content any documents, records or files made accessible to them by (a) your school, professor or another instructor, (b) any board of examination, (c) any author or publisher whose works have been used as part of studies or (d) any co-student.

In creating study-related content, students must respect any intellectual property rights that others may have in content. All content posted on the Services must be independently created, transformative, and non-derivative. It should not be a transcript or recording of another's independent efforts, nor should it copy from materials purchased from or created by others. It should go beyond simply summarizing material covered in class or in written or recorded materials, but include information raised by students in or outside of class, and independent thought, analysis, and commentary.

Class notes, for example, must be substantially rewritten after class and include independent thought and analysis, research, and information; notes that use a lecturer's words or that are not carefully reviewed, rethought, and rewritten after class are not useful to or appreciated by students, and not permitted on the Services.

Schools may have their own policies that place restrictions on a student's ability to make commercial use of study materials, even otherwise lawful materials that the student has independently created.

You are responsible for becoming familiar with such policies, abiding by them, and discontinuing the use of any Services if such use is contrary to your school policy or the instruction of your professor.

Class notes and study guides are solely for the specific use of students in the designated class for which they are created. Individuals who are not registered for a class may not purchase study guides, class notes, or outlines for that class.

Check the accuracy of all information from study guides, class notes, answers, and outlines – to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, Holooly does not guarantee their accuracy or completeness, they are simply an aid to the study process.

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